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Challenges A Shipment B Shipment C Shipment Number of Shipments
Adjustable micropipette calibration verfication/linearity Three shipments per year
Analytical balance check
Gravimetric pipette calibration
Microtiter plate linearity
Refractometer calibration
Spectrophotometer (stray light check)
Absorbance check - UV wavelength
Fluorescent intensity check - fluorescent microscopes
Ocular micrometer calibration
Osmometer study
Peak absorbance measurement
pH meter check
Photometric calibration - visible wavelength

WARNING: The Instrumentation (I) Survey specimens may contain corrosive or toxic substances, environmental hazards, or irritants.

Program Information

  • Designed to assess instruments not routinely challenged during the proficiency testing process
  • Includes appropriate materials to assess important functional parameters, including accuracy and linearty

Shipping Schedule

  • Shipment A: March 29
  • Shipment B: July 26
  • Shipment C: November 29